New Tool Manages Big Data in Real Time

With the cost per barrel escalating to all-time highs, operators are searching for and developing tools to ensure that their operations are as efficient and as effective as possible. A major part of that process is being able to manage Big Data in real time. As detailed in a recent article in AAPG Explorer, Anadarko are reaping the rewards of their own endeavor to develop such tools, which have been attributed to the 97% uptime achieved over the first six months of one of their deep water wells last year, in the Gulf of Mexico. Such a result would not have been thought possible previously and was worthy of the attention that the AAPG Explorer article provided.

In the article, Anadarko Corp. credits these impressive results to a new tool developed by Anadarko with assistance from Landmark, a Halliburton business line, who built the new tool. The objective being for Anadarko to better manage vast quantities of real time data; address the inefficiencies associated with dealing with multiple software applications and data formats; to enable a global workforce to see the same data in real time and  to help fill the void of a growing knowledge gap in the industry. Read more here.

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