Exploration Insights Magazine, June 2017

/Portals/1/Images/IEnergyImages/Exploration%20Insights/FrontCoverJune17.jpgThe articles this month will provide you with insight into current exploration opportunities based on aspects of the Exploration Insights product suite.

The power of Plate Tectonics in frontier exploration

The Exploration Insights geodynamic model can be used to determine the timing of uplift of orogens surrounding a basin and to provide a context for subsidence history. In turn this provides insights into reservoir presence and source rock maturity. We illustrate these concepts with examples from the western Black Sea.

South Caribbean margin: the predictive power of geodynamics

A robust geodynamic framework is essential when exploring in tectonically complex, frontier regions. Using examples from the South Caribbean margin we illustrate the predictive power of geodynamics in extending known petroleum systems elements away from areas of data constraint.

How certain are you? An overview of geological uncertainty in exploration

Understanding and constraining geological uncertainty is crucial for exploration success. We look at where and why geological uncertainty exists and discuss what more can be done to address the challenge it poses.

Great Geologists: Peach & Horne

Ben Peach and John Horne are a legendary geological partnership, famed for their detailed mapping of the NW Highlands of Scotland at the end of the 19th Century. This established the region as a type area in which to study thrust tectonics and provided a template for studies of structural deformation around the world. 



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