STEPS Distinguished Lecture Series

The first lectures in the second STEPS Distinguished Lecture Series will be focussed on:

Big Data in Exploration and Production


The event will form part of the University Hub during iEnergy Communities Day at LIFE2017 on 24th August 2017 at 10.45am (CDT) and will be broadcast live, via iEnergy®


Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy from Halliburton, Prof. Shanan Peters from the University of Wisconsin and Dr. Mauricio Araya from Shell will each have 15 minutes to explain the relevance of Big Data Science in their region. The floor will then be opened up to enable questions and interaction.

You can also visit the University Hub  on iEnergy® for news on how to access the subsequent recording.

If you are interested in the STEPS initiative or if you wish to register your interest for the first lecture please contact and join our growing iEnergy® Community.