Exploration Insights Magazine, August 2017

The articles this month will provide you with insight into current exploration opportunities based on aspects of the Exploration Insights product suite.

Predicting Potential Sweet-Spots in the Vaca Muerta

The Vaca Muerta is the top emerging unconventional resource play outside North America. We discuss how an exploration concept can be applied within the framework of the Neftex Sequence Stratigraphic Model to predict the distribution of production sweet-spots. We demonstrate how an appreciation of mechanical stratigraphy can impact the assessment of resource distribution within the play.

Roebuck Basin - Identifying a potential source for oil

The Roebuck Basin is an underachieving basin compared with its counterparts along the Northwest Shelf of Australia. This is due to the absence of the Plover Formation regional source rocks. We discuss the role the Triassic Locker Shale may have played in generating oil and examine the distribution and maturity of this potential source rock.

Validating Paleoclimate models should you trust the data?

Paleoclimate modelling is invaluable in helping to predict the nature and quality of petroleum system elements. However, these models need to be validated against empirical data. This is achieved using paleoclimate proxies, but these possess inherent uncertainties that are often overlooked, resulting in ineffective model validation. Here we discuss the nature of these uncertainties and how they should make us reconsider the use of certain proxies.

Great Geologists: Charles Lapworth

Celebrated for using detailed graptolite biostratigraphy to unravel complex structural geology in Scotland, Charles Lapworth is also remembered for introducing the Ordovician period in order to resolve the Cambrian/Silurian dispute of the 19th century. A self-taught geologist, Lapworth did much to emphasize the role of “amateurs” in providing detailed data to resolve major geological debates.


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