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Introducing the Neftex® Source to Sink

From Mountains to the Sea: Every Great Discovery Starts With a Journey

DecisionSpace® Geosciences Geology Fundamentals

Learn how to perform the end-to-end geological interpretation workflow in DecisionSpace® Geosciences

The Digital Well Program Solution: A Key Implementation of the Oil and Gas Digital Twin Concept

Learn about the latest digital technology for optimizing your well program.

Exploration Insights
February Issue out now!

Catch up with the latest from Neftex™ Insights.

Exploration Insights
Special African Edition out now!

Expand Your Knowledge and Read About Techniques to Meet E&P Goals.

Digital Twin for
Corrosion Flow

This article showcases how open literature corrosion data can be translated into knowledge using data-driven modeling techniques.

Digital Twin Implementation for Integrated Production & Reservoir Management

The digital twin has a huge potential to improve efficiencies and cut costs across all lifecycles in the oil and gas industry, and the production and reservoir management lifecycles are no exception.

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