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Using an E&P Digital Twin in Well Construction

Insights into how a digital twin can be used in practical applications of digital well design, operations and hazard prevention.

E&P Digital Transformation: Fundamental Next Step

Digital transformation has been a hot topic for some time. Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy latest article promotes E&P digital transformation as the next fundamental step in creating value.

Digital Twin for
Corrosion Flow

This article showcases how open literature corrosion data can be translated into knowledge using data-driven modeling techniques.

DecisionSpace® CasingWear Wear Factor Modeling Tool

In the absence of laboratory-testing, the derivation of wear factors from trusted logs is a valid alternative.

Digital Twin Implementation for Integrated Production & Reservoir Management

The digital twin has a huge potential to improve efficiencies and cut costs across all lifecycles in the oil and gas industry, and the production and reservoir management lifecycles are no exception.

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