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Brains Brawn and the Balance Sheet

Creating and deploying Digital E&P solutions for more effective capital allocation requires co-innovation. This is the approach that Halliburton, Accenture, and Palantir Solutions are taking together.

Using an E&P Digital Twin in Well Construction

Insights into how a digital twin can be used in practical applications of digital well design, operations and hazard prevention.

Pipeline Monitoring Reimagined

Managing assets from afar. Learn about the power of applying disruptive technologies to enhance integrated pipeline monitoring workflows.

Well Construction Public Courses

Five training courses are being offered again in 2018.

Digital Transformation - Get Yours Underway Today

The successful application of data science techniques can extract valuable insights from data, providing exciting opportunities...

The Hybrid Digital Twin - Combining the Best of Both Worlds

Learn how uniting data-driven and physics-based models can increase model accuracy and provide enhanced insights.

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