Academic Engagement at LIFE 2018

The iEnergy® University Hub will have a strong presence at LIFE 2018 on August 23 to which you are cordially invited.

LIFE 2018 is the premier E&P business technology event of the year and is the only event that covers the science, technology and digital innovations driving E&P forward today.

The University Hub is open to all, and will provide an opportunity to:

  • Watch the first STEPS Distinguished Lecture on the theme "Near-field Exploration and Production"
  • Learn about the academic engagement programs and how to get involved
  • Submit a poster and share your work with the wider E&P community
  • Watch presentations from the 2017 Earth Model Award winners
  • Participate in interactive workshops and panel sessions
  • Interact with business and technical leaders

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Join us for Data Science 101 - Thursday 3:15 p.m. CDT

So you’ve heard about the wonders of data science and how Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence are going to change our lives and you want to get involved… but you don’t know where to start? If you’ve never written a line of code in a language like Python or R before, this 101 session is intended just for you.


During the course of the afternoon you will learn how to set up a Data Science environment on your own PC/Mac so you can start to play with the numerous open source tools out there or just hit the ground running when it comes to taking online courses in the future. We will focus on running some of these tools in Python and show you how to set up and run Jupyter Notebooks in your web browser – one of the easiest ways to make interactive, well documented and visually appealing code projects to share your work with others.


We will cover:

  • A (very) brief introduction to Data Science and the terminology you will encounter during the session.
  • Installing (and troubleshooting) Anaconda – a data science platform that makes starting off with Python or R a breeze.
  • Using Anaconda to set up a Python environment on your machine (anaconda also supports R but we will not be using it in this session).
  • Installing open source python packages from the Python Package Index using pip.
  • Running a Jupyter Notebook server on your machine
  • Opening a notebook from GitHub on your machine and running the code in your web browser.
    • Where to find additional information on how to progress your understanding

    To register for this session, email 


    Present a Poster at LIFE 2018

    This is an excellent opportunity for academics and students to share their work and receive exposure to the wider E&P community. Students will have the opportunity to present their posters during the course of the day and there will be a prize for the best overall student poster.

    The submission window for posters is now closed. If you would like to hear more about the poster session, email


    Event Details

    Date August 23 2018
    Venue Marriott Marquis Houston Hotel,1777 Walker Street, Houston TX 77010