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The STEPS Annual Distinguished Lecture Series presents topics related to the annual research theme. Each year, at least five lectures are delivered by five diverse speakers in five different venues across the world. Lectures are attended by an invited local audience and a global webcast audience. All lectures are recorded and made available online

The 'Near Field Exploration & Production' Distinguished Lecture Series is well underway.  So far, we have had lectures in Houston Texas and London.  To hear about future lectures, please join our mailing list.

Lecture Series 2019-2020

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 28, 2019 | 12:45 PM

Rethinking Earth and Reservoir Modeling: Is the Path Forward White, Black, or Gray?

Jeffrey Yarus, Technology Fellow, Halliburton Landmark

Today, subsurface characterization or earth modeling is the construction of a digital twin representing a reservoir or a stack of reservoirs. These digital models have been significant in the development of conventional hydrocarbon resources. In unconventional reservoirs, earth modeling has been challenged due to a lack of data acquisition during horizontal drilling operations. Advanced cloud computing coupled with traditional modeling techniques can enable reliable earth models to be constructed using “black” data-driven models and “white” physics-driven models to create “gray” or integrated models. This presentation discusses emerging technologies for earth modeling, along with their downstream applications, benefits and pitfalls.

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