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The STEPS Annual Distinguished Lecture Series presents topics related to the annual research theme. Each year, at least five lectures are delivered by five diverse speakers in five different venues across the world. Lectures are attended by an invited local audience and a global webcast audience. All lectures are recorded and made available online

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Halliburton | Landmark - STEPS Distinguished Lecture - Theme 4, Lecture 3

TOPIC: Outcrop analogues for reservoir models – Lessons from quantifying lithology and clinoform geometries of deltas

Presenter:Piret Plink-Björklund
Colorado School of Mines
Time: 01/29/2020, 10-11 am CST
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ABSTRACT : Outcrops have been long used as analogues for reservoir models. Yet, it is highly ambiguous how to match outcrop analogues with specific reservoirs due to the large variability within outcrop datasets and lack of clear criteria for matching analogues. Here we explore deltaic outcrop datasets across the world and demonstrate the significance of quantitative data for meaningful comparison. Quantitative outcrop data greatly helps to synthesize the role of clinothem-building processes and provides tools for choosing appropriate analogues. This comparison shows that process regime is critical in shaping deltaic clinoforms and in controlling lithological heterogeneity, but not only as a dominance of tide, wave or gravitational processes, but also as the specific nature of these processes.

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