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No. 5 | July 2017

New technologies will determine the future as the industry strives to recover from down market conditions and remain competitive going forward. The articles in this issue shed light on emerging solutions you can adopt now to start cutting costs and maximizing production.

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No. 4 | June 2017

Collaboration, digital transformation and big data analytics are key words in today's business world, and E&P companies are getting on the bandwagon. The articles in this month's newsletter illustrate how each of these factors drive efficiency and success.

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No. 3 | May 2017

Without question, the last two years have been extremely turbulent and although the worst is perhaps behind us, there is still a need for the E&P industry to optimize the way it operates by embracing digital technologies. Whether your primary area of interest is exploration, well construction or production & economics, this month's newsletter highlights some thought provoking articles in which digital technologies take center stage.

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No. 2 | April 2017

With the price of oil beginning to stabilize, now is the time to consider tuning your exploration engine and consider how you can do more with less. Give yourself a head start and read the highlights of the most recent topics published on iEnergy which can help you achieve just that.

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No. 1 | March 2017

In an age of digital business, it is easy to feel overwhelmed with the speed at which new information becomes available. iEnergy recognizes this challenge and in a bid to streamline the digital content arriving in your inbox, we are proud to introduce Smart & Connected E&P™, an iEnergy newsletter.

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