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Our articles this month:

Regional Appraisal of Shale Resource Potential Within the Permian, Anadarko & Arkoma Basins

The realisation of shale resource potential on the Alpine High has sent a ripple of excitement through the North American shale industry. But how does the Alpine High compare to established resource areas in the Permian, Anadarko, and Arkoma basins?

Extending The Eagle Ford Trend Into Mexico: Geology Matters!

Could the lateral extension of the prolific Eagle Ford play into Mexico prove to have similar unconventional potential? Applying knowledge gained in the data-rich Eagle Ford area, the emerging Agua Nueva play is characterised. From this in-place resource distribution and whether geologically controlled sweet spots could occur within the frontier Burgos, Sabinas and Tampico-Misantla basins is assessed.

How Does Crustal Type Impact Hydrocarbon Prospectivity Offshore Uruguay?

Crustal transition offshore Uruguay occurs across the country’s maritime zone, with blocks in the recent bid round offered over continental, transitional and oceanic crust. To date, there have been no discoveries offshore Uruguay, but oil and gas in fluid inclusions have been reported. Here, we analyse the impact that varying crustal types have on heat flow, assessing the effect on hydrocarbon generation and timing.

Great Geologists: James Dwight Dana

The author of outstanding mineralogical and geological textbooks, James Dana was also the first American geologist to emphasize the global nature of geology and develop theories to explain the presence of mountains and oceans. These concepts may be outdated now, but they helped set geological science on the path to the plate tectonic paradigm that governs geology today.

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