Realize Your Reservoir Potential


Reservoir quality presents one of the greatest geological risks in both mature and frontier exploration. The new PoreExplorer™ dashboard from Halliburton is the latest feature in the Neftex Insights® portfolio that can help to minimize this risk, by enabling interactive analysis of a global reservoir quality database.

The PoreExplorer dashboard allows each user to interrogate and investigate critical information relating to this vital (and highly variable) play element. An intuitive user interface allows data to be filtered, selected and displayed in a wide variety of ways to suit the user’s requirements.

With this innovative new tool, users can:

• Analyze reservoir quality for clastics and carbonates, within an easy-to-use, cloud-hosted environment

• Rapidly display reservoir quality, composition and sedimentology data in high-quality visualizations, which can be exported for use in presentations/reports

• Utilize a wide array of geographic, stratigraphic and thematic filtering options

• Access a full audit trail, with all data tying back to the Neftex® EarthSearch™ bibliographic database

Whether you are trying to gain a broad overview of reservoirs along a margin, understand the relationships in reservoir quality within a basin, or generate meaningful geoscience analogues, the PoreExplorer dashboard can support you with a variety of data and insight.

For more information or a demonstration of the PoreExplorer dashboard, contact us today.