NEW Geostatistical eLearning Course on iEnergy!


In this eLearning course, developed by industry-leading expert Jeffrey Yarus, PhD, you will gain a theoretical understanding of Geostatistics as applied to problems relevant to Petroleum Geoscientists and Engineers. This course will also help provide the background knowledge necessary to successfully complete reservoir characterization and earth modeling workflows using Landmark solutions. 


During this course, you will:

• Learn how Reservoir Characterization and Geostatistics work collaboratively.

• Understand the fundamental concepts behind Geostatistical Modeling.

• Be exposed to the differences between classical and spatial statistics.

• Comprehend the workflows used in Geostatistical reservoir modeling.

• Understand how modeling conventional reservoirs differs from modeling unconventional reservoirs.


Specifically, you will learn:

• Basic Statistical Principles

• Tenets of Spatial Analysis and Spatial Modeling

• Principles of Kriging and Cokriging

• Principles of Conditional Simulation and Cosimulation

• Post processing for downstream analysis

• Methods to consider for upscaling

• How to perform uncertainty analysis

• The key steps in building a geomodel


All of these encompass information on Data Analytics, as well as Variograms, Kriging, Conditional Simulation, Post processing, Building the 3Dmodel, and static to dynamic modeling concepts.


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