Supporting Members in Transition


The last two years have seen many E&P professionals made redundant and new graduates struggling to secure positions within the industry during the current downturn. With this is mind a new committee has been formed by the SPE to help support people who are transitioning between jobs, which includes an online toolkit comprised of helpful advice, webinars and training opportunities. The Members in Transition Toolkit includes advice on optimizing your search for new positions, with helpful hints and tips on making sure you stand out from the crowd, the job hunting process and how to make the most of social media whilst looking for a new position. It also provides a valuable opportunity to develop your network as well as enhancing your skills by taking advantage of webinars and workshops.

Software Training & Seminars

Halliburton has pledged its support, to work  alongside the SPE to support these Members in Transition. Ashish Fatnani (Senior Production Operations Consultant, Landmark) sits on the board as Program Chair and volunteers his time to help support the initiative’s success. This has included organization and provision of Software Training, with the most recent example hosted at Halliburton (Life Center) from the 18th  to 22nd  December, during which a short course on Well Design was delivered by Landmark, a Halliburton business line. The objective of this particular course was for students to understand the drilling to completions lifecycle and role that software has during this process.  It included presentations on;

• WellPlan™ - Gabriela Morales
• COMPASS™ - Grant Ohlms
• StressCheck™ - Christopher Denton
• StressCheck™ and Organizer - Ashish Fatnani

The course was well attended with positive feedback received from participants   expressing how much they enjoyed the training and recognizing the efforts and the expertise of those involved.

One attendee commented: “I really enjoyed your training course today. You are an expert in your field, and appreciate your insight.”

Another important  contribution has been through the provision of webinars and seminars, which Fitrisia Anandita (Halliburton Production Consultant) has helped to organize alongside Ashish. This has included a seminar on “Big Data Strategy of the Oil and Gas Industry” which was delivered by Dr. Ashwani Dev on 2nd December and Rachel Walden gave a webinar/seminar entitled “Taking Charge of your Career Development in January.


Whilst this unprecedented downturn has taken its toll, OPEC’S recent agreement to curtail production as of  January 2017 has already had a positive impact on oil prices. Whilst we wait for the industry to find its feet again and vacancies to open up, individuals looking to enter or re-enter the industry can, with the support of organizations like the SPE can prepare and position themselves to give them the best possible chance of success. This is an initiative that Halliburton is proud to support.