Insights into Exploration: Tools for a New Era

/Portals/1/Images/IEnergyImages/Publishing/GeoExprosized.jpgIn the December issue of GEO ExPro magazine, Halliburton’s Landmark makes a compelling case that enticing exploration opportunities are still out there for the taking, but these frontier endeavors call for being equipped with the most appropriate tools.


Frontier exploration is an exciting but risky business. It is also essential if we are to continue to maintain reserves and meet the growing global energy demands. The obvious exploration targets have long since been taken, and the industry has for some time been moving into progressively more frontier basins and in doing so is moving even further away from data control.


Diminishing data control is accompanied by an increase in geological risk. To mitigate this risk the exploration geoscientist has to have a means of developing a well-reasoned conceptualization of the sub-surface. This is achieved by making informed predictions based on the big picture and through the integration of data from Planet-Plate-Pore.


Halliburton Landmark offers one such solution, integrating tectonostratigraphy, sequence stratigraphy, paleoclimate models and source-to- sink relationships to predict into the white space and help you identify and unlock future exploration potential.


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