Bring the Power of Petroleum Systems Analysis to Your Geoscience Workflows

By Dr. Elham Mohsenian

Solution Owner – Basin and Petroleum Systems Modeling, Halliburton Landmark


Part of the Spotlight Series

Whether it is for unconventional or frontier assessment, geoscientists are increasingly using petroleum systems analysis to gain new understanding of key elements and processes affecting hydrocarbon prospectivity. And no wonder – petroleum systems analysis can deliver important insights into burial history, maturity analysis, hydrocarbon generation, migration and accumulation, and trap formation. Integrating petroleum systems analysis into your geosciences workflows is now easier than ever with the DecisionSpace® Geosciences Petroleum Systems Plug-In, a free add-on to DecisionSpace Geosciences.

The plug-in features tools to analyze and assess petroleum potential as well as to help identify potential risks within your basin or play, with workflows in 1D, 2.5D and 3D:

  • Run 1D workflows on wells and pseudo wells to model source rock properties (quality, maturity and expulsion), thermal histories, and rock property evolution.

  • Perform traditional wireline processing and write calculated log curves back to the well in the OpenWorks® database for use in other workflows.

  • Use 2.5D workflows to understand the prospects and volumetric connectivity of closures and fetch areas in frontier basins. Generate closures, along with their fetch areas, and use fill-spill analysis to understand the fluid flow relationship between these structures. Perform quick prospect ranking and lead definition on selected maps or surfaces.

  • Evaluate and rank geological models, quantify containment potential (reserves), and assess connectivity and compartmentalization using the 3D workflows. Using 3D Reservoir Filling, you can set various source locations on a 3D grid and “fill” the model and quickly evaluate a variety of source and seal scenarios.

The DecisionSpace Geosciences Petroleum Systems Plug-In is available from Landmark Software Manager and can be easily installed in a matter of minutes.

The plug-in is built on Permedia® software, the industry-leading petroleum systems software suite. Permedia software features an unmatched set of simulators and tools designed to provide insight and understanding of complex, fluid-oriented processes operating over geological time, at any scale from basin to reservoir. For more information, visit

This article first appeared in the February 2018 issue of the Smart & Connected E&P™, an iEnergy® newsletter.

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