E&P Digital Twin in a System of Systems Model

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TITLE: E&P Digital Twin in a System of Systems Model

DATE: Feb, 6, 2018



Production wells rarely operate in isolation, and their interactions with other producers and injectors can greatly affect the decline-curve; hence, affecting production over the life of the field. These entwined “systems” of wells drive interactive effects and emergent behaviors generate a need to incorporate a Digital System of Systems (dSoS), or a systems engineering approach to vastly improve results. This approach strongly embraces the concept and use of digital twins for system, subsystem, and component analyses.  Halliburton’s Voice of the Oilfield™ and Well Construction initiatives are examples of “end-to-end” strategies that incorporate this approach.

This webinar will highlight how a dSoS strategy enables the investigation of the effects that multiple subsystems might have on the overall mission of the system and potentially, the impact that interactions will have between the subsystems.


Ed Marotta, Ph.D.

Senior Technical Advisor, Halliburton Landmark, Advisor, Digital Twin & Optimization. A senior technical advisor with over 25 years of academic and industry experience in the development of physics-based models, and now data-driven models, with the end goal of analyzing systems with a Systems Engineering philosophy. Ed is experienced in helping customers realize value from modeling and simulation, analysis led design, and the incorporation of digital twins for asset health monitoring and prognostication.

Dale McMullin, Ph.D.

Director of R&D, Upstream Applications - Drilling, Production & Economics, Landmark Dale McMullin is the director of Landmark’s Drilling, Production and Economics technology business line in Houston.  He is responsible for setting and implementing the vision, innovation, and strategy for current and future products and solutions related to this domain, as well as coordinating with his peers for broader solutions and alignments.  Those products include, among others, the drilling production solutions such as Compass™, WELLCAT™, OpenWells®, DecisionSpace® Well Engineering, DecisionSpace® Production Suite and Landmark’s Digital Oilfield Solutions in alliance with Petroleum Experts Ltd., as well as Nexus®, FieldPlan®, NETool™ and ARIES™.

He began his career in oil and gas at Mobil as a production facilities engineer and spent time at Baker Sand Control and Baker Hughes INTEQ as a manager of reservoir studies and in directional drilling. Dale was also at Dresser Oil Tools as an engineering manager for safety valves.  Dale spent more than a decade with GE Energy Services developing software, managing software products, and advancing systems engineering. More recently, he was responsible for Enterprise architecture and governance at Sabre Corp.

Dale has a BS in mechanical engineering from Colorado school of mines, MS in Computer Science from Regis University and a PhD in mathematics and computer science from Colorado School of Mines.

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