Overcoming Obstacles to Profitability Using Technology

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TITLE: Overcoming Obstacles to Profitability – Using Technology to Improve Forecasting and Returns

DATE:  March 21, 2018

TIME:  9 a.m. CST


The market reacts poorly to E&P operators when quarterly production and cash flow numbers are missed. The oil and gas industry knows this and yet continues to miss earnings forecasts more than any other industry. Because we are moving at such a rapid pace in North America, operations and planning are perpetually out of sync, and economic returns are lower as a result.  

How can operators utilize big data and analytics to increase transparency between the field and the office? How can operations teams more efficiently drive economic returns from the wellhead? How can reservoir and F&A teams improve accuracy to confidently assess reserves?  

This webinar will discuss the steps that companies are taking today to better understand the copious data they collect and leverage the most value from it. The necessary progression of lifecycle insights along the way ̶ made possible by new technological advancements ̶ will also be presented to further assist on the journey to successfully reach economic goals.



Sarah Queen

Sarah works with E&P companies and technology partners to lower cost per barrel of oil (BOE) in unconventional shale reservoirs. She has 10 years of experience using emerging technologies to generate near-term value. She has a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University and an MBA from the University of Texas.

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