Offshore Argentina: Lessons From Previous Exploration

/Portals/1/Images/IEnergyImages/Publishing/OffshireArgentina.jpgThe eagerly awaited exploration licensing rounds for offshore Argentina later this year will be the first in almost a decade. Despite some commercial success in the early 1980’s with the discovery of the Aries, Vega Pléyade, and Carnia gas fields, this success was short-lived, and the area has remained underexplored, with only 150 exploration wells drilled to date.

With sparse legacy data available, how can oil and gas companies get a head start and make informed exploration decisions? In a recent First Break article – Offshore Argentina: Lessons From Previous Exploration, Landmark Exploration Insights demonstrate how the use of publically available data in conjunction with a sequence stratigraphic and geodynamic model provides insight into the prospectivity of this frontier province. The result culminated in a regional screening evaluation, highlighting play fairways, their key risks, and the most prospective areas within them. In doing so, Halliburton Landmark has provided explorers with a unique insight into the scale and extent of the most prospective play fairways in offshore Argentina, ahead of the upcoming license rounds.

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