Exploration Insights Magazine - May 2018 issue

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This edition of Exploration Insights pays a special tribute to our 9th Annual Earth Model Forum at the Geological Society of London on May 10, 2018. You could be tempted to call this Super Basin Month, with the event and magazine both focused primarily on this hot topic. As defined by IHS, the term ‘Super Basin’ represents a descriptive construct that combines an appreciation for the richness of hydrocarbons (>5 BBOE) and the effort that has occurred to produce them (also >5 BBOE). Conceptually, these are different considerations that need to be assessed independently. The articles solely address the geological aspects of these basins.


Our articles this month include:


Illuminating the Anatomy of Super Basins

The ‘Super Basins’ concept identifies a group of basins with well-established surface infrastructure and prolific petroleum systems, that offer the opportunity to exploit hydrocarbons in a low-risk setting. In this article, a subset of these provinces are analysed and compared to expose the nature of these exceptional basins and speculate on where exploration potential remains.


Stratigraphic Architecture of a Devonian Unconventional Shale Play: Duvernay Formation, Alberta Basin

The Duvernay Formation is one of the most prolific source rocks for reservoirs in the Alberta Basin, but also has the potential to be a prominent unconventional resource. By looking at the Duvernay Formation from a sequence stratigraphic view, we will show how an understanding of the stratigraphic architecture can give insight into areas for future exploration.


Bohai Basin: Past Success and Future Potential in China’s Largest Petroleum Province

The Bohai Basin is China’s largest petroleum province. Past successes and remaining potential have led to the basin being classed as a super basin but where could the remaining potential be? By analyzing proven plays and exploration history it is possible to predict where future success may lie within this key basin of one of the world’s biggest hydrocarbon consumers.


Great Geologists: Dan McKenzie

Dan McKenzie’s 1967 paper on plate kinematics is widely regarded as marking the completion of the first phase in the development of the plate tectonics paradigm. A pre-eminent geophysicist of the last 50 years, McKenzie has been at the forefront of research into plate tectonics, mantle dynamics, sedimentary basin formation, melt generation, and planetary geology.  


We hope this issue will provide you with an enjoyable reading! Please do send us your comments, feedback and let us know if you want to know more about the topics discussed.


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