Probabilistic Approach to Real-Time Trajectory Control

/Portals/1/Images/IEnergyImages/Publishing/Webinars/HAL122121cropped.jpgTITLE: Probabilistic Approach to Real-Time Trajectory Control with Quantified Drilling Uncertainties

DATE: July 10, 2018

TIME: 9:00 a.m. CST


We are presenting a probabilistic approach to proactively adjust drilling parameters (which can be uncertain) in real time to help ensure that the actual drilling path overlaps the target drilling path to the maximum extent. The planned well path is initially adjusted by a probabilistic formation earth model (EM) for maximum production potential and then adjusted to help improve well path smoothness to allow the passage of tubular strings. Drilling parameters and EM data can be updated in real time during drilling operations. A new bit-wear model is coupled with data analytics, using real-time data to predict bit wear and rate of penetration (ROP), which are further used for well path estimation. Statistical methods are applied to quantify the uncertainty of the predicted actual well path.

Considering the uncertainty associated with petrophysical properties and drilling parameters, the overlap probability between actual and target well paths was computed and used as feedback for drilling parameter adjustments. This closed-loop feedback process enables proactive control of the actual well path. The drilling path simulation indicates that the trajectory resulting from using this new control method provides better reservoir access and maintains dogleg severity at an acceptable level.



Dr Robello Samuel

Dr. Robello Samuel is a Halliburton Technology Fellow. He holds concurrent adjunct faculty positions at the University of Houston and University of Southern California. He is the recipient of SPE awards and recognitions, including the International Drilling Engineering award, Gulf Coast Section Drilling Engineering award, Distinguished Lecturer, and Distinguished member. He serves on the SPE JPT Editorial Committee. Dr. Samuel has published over 270 technical papers/articles/patents and 13 books. He holds a BS degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Madurai, and an MS degree and PhD in petroleum engineering from the University of Tulsa.  


Dr. Zhengchun (Michael) Liu

Dr. Zhengchun (Michael) Liu works for Halliburton as a Senior Technologist in the Well Construction, Production, and Economics group at Landmark. He has an MS degree in petroleum engineering from the University of Houston and a PhD in engineering from Louisiana Tech University. His research interests include downhole drilling automation; drilling simulation and optimization; and wellbore thermal flow simulation of drilling, completion, and production operations. He also holds a B. Engr. degree in materials science from North University of China.


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