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Our articles this month:

Analogue Insights for Super Basins: Silurian Unconventional Plays in the Middle East

It is anticipated that Silurian-sourced petroleum systems will provide prolific unconventional hydrocarbons across the Middle East. An unproven play concept is proposed based on geological analogues from the Montney Formation, Alberta Basin.

Implications of the Tectonostratigraphic and Depositional Setting in Controlling Unconventional Resource Plays in the Middle East

The Middle East contains numerous world class source rocks often interbedded with potentially brittle carbonate facies, sparking interest in their resource play potential. However, siliciclastic facies also occur as interbeds, with both positive and negative implications for exploration success. We examine their implications within the mid-Cretaceous Shilaif and Kazhdumi basins.

Triassic Petroleum Prospectivity of the Arabian Plate

Triassic stratigraphy is relatively underexplored across the Middle East. In addition to the well-known upper Khuff and Kangan reservoirs, other potential reservoirs and petroleum systems are identified in younger Triassic stratigraphy, whilst subcrop traps beneath the top Triassic unconformity may form an unexplored play concept. Thermochemical sulphate reduction is discussed as a key risk. 

Great Geologists: Ziad Beydoun

Ziad Beydoun was a towering figure in the study of Middle Eastern geology in the late 20th century. After years of field work in some of the most remote regions of Arabia, Beydoun completed the first synthesis of Middle Eastern geology. A true gentleman, his diplomacy and easy manner despite adversity inspired a generation of university students he taught in Lebanon.  


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