Great Geologists - the Collection

/Portals/1/Images/IEnergyImages/Publishing/Great%20Geos%20ebook.jpgFor the last three years, Halliburton Technology Fellow Mike Simmons has written an article on a Great Geologist for our Neftex® Exploration Insights magazine. All 35 short biographies have now been compiled into one volume celebrating the lives and works of Great Geologists. The history of geoscience is marked by the work of exemplary scientists, who through their endeavours, changed the way we think about the Earth, its history, processes and resources. Some made huge intuitive leaps, recognising, for example, the immensity of geological time or the mobility of the continents. Others described rocks, minerals and fossils in the field, or laboratory, and provided vital data that allowed theories to develop. Others still embraced new technologies, such as geophysics, that enabled what cannot be observed directly to be interpreted. Many led colourful lives or overcame adverse circumstances. These are people worth knowing more about, not least, for the inspiration they provide.

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