Exploration Insights Magazine – Special African Edition

Africa Special Edition of Exploration Insights Seeks to Expand Knowledge and Suggest Techniques to Meet E&P Goals

Significant exploration successes have occurred along the Central Atlantic margin in both clastic and carbonate reservoirs over the past decade, such that three of the last five new major petroleum provinces have been discovered in this region including petroleum systems in Guyana, Mauritania, and Senegal. However, success in the region has not been ubiquitous. This special edition magazine serves to expand knowledge and suggest techniques for ensuring future E&P goals are achieved in north western Africa. The three articles take a close look at the value of a fully integrated, geodynamic, sequence stratigraphic, paleo-climatic model within a global depth framework in the exploration workflow. This allows the potential of relatively under-explored areas, such as the Moroccan offshore, to be evaluated more thoroughly and efficiently.

Exploration Insights is delivered in a digital format, but is also available to download as a pdf or print. 

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