A Compelling New White Paper on the Digital Well Program™ Solution


The Digital Well Program™ Solution: A Key Implementation of the Oil and Gas Digital Twin Concept

In recent years, as oil and gas (O&G) companies have experienced cost constraints and shrinking margins, the need for productivity and efficiency improvements has come to the forefront.

The integrated O&G Digital Twin concept provides a digital construct of the well construction process, which is then used to optimize the well construction phases of planning, design and execution. The Landmark Digital Well Program™ solution offers benefits, along with the Digital Twin component, to help address today’s most pressing concerns including reducing well program preparation time, increasing well reliability, accelerating end-to-end well delivery and maximizing well productivity, while lowering cost.

By applying the O&G Digital Twin concept to the Digital Well Program solution, continuous optimization of the well can be delivered in order to reduce inefficiencies in today’s O&G operations.

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