Investigating Source Rock Quality and Maturity?


Get Ahead with the SourceExplorer Dashboard

By Mary O'Halloran



Part of the Spotlight Series

The SourceExplorer dashboard is the latest component of the Neftex® Advanced Insights tier, allowing visualization of data contained within the Neftex Organic Geochemistry database. This dashboard builds upon the release of previous tools, by providing dynamic and interactive analysis of source rocks across the globe all within a cloud-hosted, online environment.

The SourceExplorer dashboard allows each user to interrogate and investigate the presence, quality and maturity of source rocks quickly, providing critical information regarding this vital petroleum system element. An intuitive user interface allows data to be filtered, selected and displayed on a wide variety of pre-populated charts.

Key aspects of the dashboard include:

  • A wide array of geographic, stratigraphic and thematic filtering options
  • Rapid display of results in high-quality visualizations, aiding geoscientists in determining organic richness, kerogen type and maturity of a given source rock
  • The ability to export visualizations
  • A full audit trail, with all data tying back to the Neftex EarthSearch bibliographic resource

Whether you are trying to gain a broad overview of the source rocks in a basin or wanting to delve deeper into the quality and maturity of a known organic-rich interval, the SourceExplorer dashboard can help support you with a variety of geochemical data and insight.

To learn more, watch the short video below.

For more information about the SourceExplorer dashboard and the Neftex® Advanced Insights portfolio, contact us today.

This article first appeared in the February issue (no. 16) of the Smart & Connected E&P™, an iEnergy® newsletter.

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