The Digital Well Program™ Solution Webinar


A lot has been written about the digitalization of oil and gas (O&G) well construction – in particular, as it relates to the drilling phase. Recently, as more exploration and production (E&P) companies adopt emerging technology innovations of the Digital Age, attention has turned to advancements in well program digitalization, or virtual representation and analysis (the O&G Digital Twin concept), of the well through its entire life cycle. The integrated O&G Digital Twin concept provides a digital construct of the well construction process, which is then used to optimize the well construction phases of planning, design, and execution.

This webinar will discuss the new direction and benefits afforded by implementing the Landmark Digital Well Program™ solution, along with its Digital Twin component, with the goal of helping to address today’s most pressing concerns, such as:

  • Reducing well program preparation time Increasing well reliability
  • Accelerating end-to-end well delivery
  • Maximizing well productivity, while lowering cost  

You can watch their webinar here.