March 2017  |  No. 1

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What Do Waze®, Kickstarter®, and Building Sidewalks Have to Do with SaaS?

This short article, with an intriguing title, provides a concise introduction to the power of knowing what people want by drawing upon novel examples of crowdsourcing…
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Embracing the Digital World Using Bimodal IT

There is a pressing need for the Exploration and Production (E&P) Industry to execute a digital transformation in order to operate more efficiently and effectively...
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Flying a Flag for the E&P Industry

Contributing to the Global Geoscience Community - Unconventional Screening of the Jurassic in the Middle East...

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Integrated Asset Management Connects the Dots for Optimized Field Development

The importance and value of an integrated and collaborative approach...

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Get in the Zone and Stay There Using Halliburton Big Data Analytics, Multivariate Data Analysis

Advanced analytical techniques combine unique indexing and multivariate analysis for multi-dimensional data sets that help you to locate hydrocarbons precisely...

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Industry Investment and Interaction with Academia

Last summer Centro di Geotechnologie University of Siena, ran an Exploration Seismology summer school during which SeisSpace® was introduced to the students...

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STEPS Initiative Continues: The Distinguished Lecture Series

The 2nd Distinguished Lecture Series was delivered by Statoil's Global Chief Geologist, Dr.Ole J. Martinsen, who explored source-to-sink analysis and its applicability to Earth studies and petroleum exploration...  

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The 3rd Shale Prologue Workshop, University of Houston

The 3rd Shale Prologue Workshop held at the University of Houston was sponsored by Halliburton, Landmark and was a huge success, with Landmark employees volunteering their time and expertise to help support the next generation of E&P professionals...

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What's New on Landmark TV?

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Chat Now Available for Your Software Questions

When you have software questions, you need a rapid response. That's why the Landmark Customer Support team is pleased to offer real-time customer help with Chat... Read more »

When Was the Last Time You Asked an Audience for Help

We live in a fast moving industry working to tight deadlines, so when we hit a stumbling block we need to access the required support efficiently and effectively… Read more »


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