December 2017  |  No. 10

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While 2017 has been a year of adjusting to a new sense of ‘normal’ within the industry, the increasing commitment of E&P companies embarking on their own custom-fit digital transformation journeys leads to an overall bright future. This sense of hope and optimism is supported by the continued efforts of dedicated E&P professionals whose thought leadership will pave the way for success in 2018 and beyond. As the 2017 year comes to a close, it seems appropriate to reflect on the most popular articles in the Smart & Connected E&P™ newsletter.

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Your Journey to the Cloud

Halliburton Landmark thought leaders review different types of cloud technology, including benefits and security issues. It also points to Landmark Earth and DecisionSpace® 365, which leverage the cloud's capabilities... Read more »

Digital Twin in Well Construction

Using an E&P Digital Twin in Well Construction

While the terminology has changed over time, the basic concept of the digital twin model has remained fairly stable from its inception in 2002 by Dr. Michael Grieves, University of Michigan. The term is based on the idea that a digital informational construct of a physical system could be created as an entity on its own... Read more » 

Surviving and Succeeding in the Digital Era

In his compelling white paper, Dr. Lapi Dixit, Landmark’s chief digital officer at Halliburton, addresses the challenges faced by E&P companies as they go through the inevitable process of digital transformation: how to survive and succeed in a digital world, what strategies to pursue, and how to avoid traps and pitfalls in their transformation journey. He sets forth the critical drivers for winning in the race to go digital: asset intimacy, innovating fast and partnering with the right vendors... Read more » 

Digital Twin

Get Your Digital Transformation Underway Today! 

Mechanical means are not the only way to improve your production. The successful application of data science techniques, such as machine learning and neural-net algorithms, can extract valuable insights from data, providing exciting opportunities to explore and take advantage of the digital twin... Read more »

Digital Twin

The Hybrid Digital Twin: Combining the Best of Both Worlds 

Learn how uniting data-driven and physics-based models to generate a hybrid digital twin can increase your model accuracy, provide enhanced insights, and improve engineering efficiencies... Read more »

Digital Transformation Essential for E&P Industry to Thrive in New Economy

Why wait? It's time for E&P companies to join the digital age, adopt emerging technologies and leverage big data analytics to accelerate and maintain continuous business growth... Read more »

Cloud: The Next Big Technology Leap in E&P

In the January’s edition of E&P Magazine, Will Childs (Oracle) and Dave Butcher (Landmark, a business line of Halliburton) published an article on cloud computing; what it is and how it is impacting companies across a wide spectrum of industries. The E&P Industry is no exception with cloud technologies being utilized to help cut costs and expedite innovation, as companies strive to differentiate themselves from the competition during this current downturn...

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Embracing the Digital World Using Bimodal IT

There is a pressing need for the E&P Industry to execute a digital transformation in order to operate more efficiently and effectively...
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Are You Able to Put the Data You Need at Your Fingertips?

Knowing what data you have, what kind of data it is, and where it is located, both geographically and where it resides within your organization is of the utmost importance…
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Halliburton Celebrates Another Successful LIFE Event  

LIFE 2017 was a huge success and included keynote presentations from Amazon and Microsoft representatives, talks on E&P Digital Twin, deep dives into data science and demonstrations. All of this — and much more can be found online at iEnergy®—where you can relive memorable moments and share with colleagues who were not in attendance… Experience again!


Are You on the Hunt for the Next Big Discovery?

You have a viable source rock, the traps and the timing are good. But where exactly is your reservoir located? How big is it and is the reservoir quality up to scratch? Taking a step back and looking at the bigger picture can provide valuable insight, which is exactly what this month’s Exploration Insights magazine does, by taking a closer look the northern Sub-Andean basins of South America, the West African Margin and the Norwegian Barents Sea. It's not to be missed... Subscribe now »   Sign in required


Landmark Learning Highlights 2017     Sign in required 

  • Video Library that hosts 690+ videos on various domains created and curated by subject matter experts
  • 647 videos were played more than 26,629 times totaling 1,481 hours of viewed content
  • Interested in a private channel - a video channel on that only you and your organization can view? Contact us today!

Landmark Learning Central

  • Revamped and rehashed learning system to access and enroll in eLearning and instructor-led courses
  • Redefined the eLearning format to a micro-learning and video-based approach
  • Created 10 new courses spanning across Exploration, Drilling and Completion and Reservoir Engineering
  • Interested in a private learning experience about relevant courses and analytics for your organization, Contact us today!

Come back for more videos, courses and offerings in 2018! 


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