January 2018  |  No. 11

The Smart & Connected E&P Newsletter

Welcome to the first issue of the Smart & Connected E&P™ newsletter for 2018. As we start a new year, we look forward to the ways and means of supporting our industry's digital transformation. This month we share insights from the collaborative efforts between Halliburton, Accenture and Palantir on our ability to deliver the right digital solution for Shale 2.0, discuss the security needs of big data, and the application of analytics, as well as look at the essential tools required in a new era of exploration.

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Digital Twin in Well Construction

Brains, Brawn and the Balance Sheet

Digital technology is introducing radical transparency to the E&P industry by generating and integrating many streams of information. The challenge is to use this information to increase focus, not noise. Operators want digital projects to help them focus on achieving the right production volumes, from the right wells, at the lowest cost per BOE in order to predictably generate good returns. Halliburton, Accenture and Palantir are taking on this challenge by working together to deliver the right digital solution for Shale 2.0... Read more » 

Digital Twin in Well Construction

Big Data Means Big Security

Our successful digital transformation and our pursuit of the autonomous oilfield necessitate the need to move from a defensive position of cybersecurity to a proactive approach. This effort can be supported by leveraging big data analytics and using it against the very threat that seeks to corrupt it... Read more » 

A Closer Look at Data Analytics

There is no shortage of E&P data for us to scrutinize. The challenge is to know exactly what it is we want to know and then finding the best way to analyze that data to ascertain what we need. This takes time, but with machine learning set to play a more imperative role in our industry, we will be better placed to leverage more of the available data... Read more » 

Digital Twin

Insights Into Exploration: Tools for a New Era 

Frontier exploration is an exciting but risky business. It is also essential if we are to continue to maintain reserves and meet the growing global energy demands. Do you have the right tools for the job?  Read more »

Digital Twin

iEnergy® Webinar Series: Keeping You Current on the Latest Innovation Drivers 

The iEnergy® Webinar Series keeps you connected to the science, technology and digital innovations driving E&P forward today. Watch and listen online (live or on-demand) as a diverse group of iEnergy community experts and thought leaders share ideas on putting emerging technologies to work, increasing collaboration, and driving sustainable business value... Watch now »

STEPS is Now Accepting Student Project Applications

Following the announcement of the ‘Big Data in Exploration and Production’ master’s level research projects, the STEPS program is now accepting student applications. The projects are varied and are of interest to both geoscience and applied data science students who have an interest in the E&P industry. As part of the STEPS program, the students will benefit not only from the opportunity to work with real-world data, but also from industry-relevant training and mentorship, and the opportunity to work with industry-leading software delivered through the cloud...
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What is Your Seismic Amplitude Really Telling You?

Optimizing your seismic interpretation is essential to operate efficiently and effectively in the fast-paced exploration and production industry. DecisionSpace® Geosciences software can help you with the rapid interpretation and validation of seismic amplitude by combining prestack seismic data with poststack interpretation...
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Introducing the CasingWear Course    Sign in required

The new CasingWear™ Essentials Course — a fast-track offering — covers the fundamentals of casing wear estimation using an application that helps assess the structural integrity of the casing. Illustrated videos walk you through the application’s intuitive visual interface and teaches you how estimations can be performed using the soft-string model or the stiff-string model. It also shows you how to leverage the superior predictive accuracy of the stiff-string model to calculate realistic estimations for your company. This coursework can be completed within two to three hours and contains bonus videos geared toward intermediate and advanced users.

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