February 2018  |  No. 12

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The exploration and production (E&P) industry has been built with the contributions made by countless E&P professionals and academics. Together, this community has the potential to enlighten one another, drive innovation, and in doing so, work toward a digital future. One of the mainstays of the iEnergy® Community is to connect people with industry colleagues and to a wealth of information and knowledge. Events such as LIFE 2018, webinars, outreach initiatives, and iEnergy articles build and strengthen this connection. The February issue of the Smart & Connected E&P newsletter highlights ways in which the iEnergy Community is coming together to support and learn from one another.

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Digital Twin in Well Construction

Emerging Unconventionals in Argentina

The hunt for new unconventional resource plays will continue to support the growing global energy demands, and with other nations outside of North America increasing their focus, competition is set to increase. Learn more about the potential for unconventional resources in Argentina from Landmark's Exploration Insights team... Read more »    Sign in required

Digital Twin in Well Construction

Capturing Uncertainty in Basin Modeling

There are no right or wrong answers when it comes to basin modeling, just varying degrees of uncertainty. This uncertainty is increased in areas where data is sparse. Find out more about how the integration of Landmark's Exploration Insights and Permedia® software can minimize these uncertainties... Read more »   Sign in required

Complex Geology Plays: Making the Most of Your Data

The increasing complexity of plays, the vast quantities of data, and the multifaceted teams that are required in E&P today present a real challenge. Future success will depend on our ability to make the most of available data and the means to collaborate seamlessly across the E&P lifecycles. Discover how Landmark is helping meet the needs of today’s exploration geoscientists... Read more »   Sign in required

Digital Twin

How an Operation Saved More Than 15,000 Person-Hours Annually 

Facing a rapid production decline and a rapid water-cut increase reaching more than 90%, a complex offshore operation in the Asia Pacific desperately needed to find ways to increase recovery. This challenging scenario also involved engineers spending too much time on menial tasks, up to four hours every day just to comprehend the daily production status. Learn how the operator developed a tactical and strategic workflow, resulting in cutting the time taken for daily production analysis by more than 50%, equivalent to up to 15,000 person-hours annually. Read more »

Digital Twin

Stay Connected with the 2018 iEnergy® Webinar Series 

Building on the success of the 2017 iEnergy® Webinar Series, an exciting and broad range of webinars are planned for 2018. Keep yourself connected to the science, technology and digital innovations driving E&P forward by registering today. You can also catch up on past webinars on-demand... Register now »

Celebrating Landmark’s University Outreach of 2017!

Throughout 2017 and through the inclusion of the STEPS program, university outreach at Halliburton Landmark went from strength to strength. To celebrate, we invited a number of STEPS students and interns of 2017 to share their research and experiences in the first special University Edition of Exploration Insights magazine. This edition also discusses why university outreach is vital to us as an organization... Read more »   Sign in required

2018 Earth Model Award Application Window is Now Open!

The Earth Model Award, an international geoscience competition, rewards excellence for master’s level research. Prizes of $2,500, $1,500, and $1,000 are awarded to both the student and university, and all winners are offered an opportunity to present to an international audience. For more information and to enter, register for iEnergy at https://www.ienergy.community/ and navigate to http://www.ienergy.community/EarthModelAward.   Sign in required

Applying for Landmark's University Grants Program Just Got Easier

Landmark provides software grants to eligible academic institutions around the world via our University Grants Program. These renewable licenses come with full maintenance and support. From seismic processing to exploration, drilling, production and beyond, universities widely use our software to deliver curricula, support student theses, and conduct advanced research. Academic users of iEnergy® can now apply online to join the growing academic community that is benefiting from the University Grants Program. For more information and to enter, register for iEnergy at https://www.ienergy.community/  and navigate to http://www.ienergy.community/UniversityGrantProgram   Sign in required

Bring the Power of Petroleum Systems Analysis to Your Geoscience Workflows

Make the most of your petroleum systems analysis. Learn how the DecisionSpace® Geosciences Petroleum Systems Plug-in can help integrate petroleum systems analysis into your geoscience workflows...
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What is Your Seismic Amplitude Really Telling You?

To determine the reservoir makeup and identify the best potential reservoirs, an understanding of the seismic response to changes in fluid and lithology is essential. This can be achieved by examining seismic amplitude data. Near-mid-far angle/offset stacks are a very common dataset available to the interpreter. These are key inputs for calculating AVO attributes where pre-stack gathers are not available or are in areas of noisy data.
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Introducing the CasingWear Course    Sign in required

The new CasingWear™ Essentials Course — a fast-track offering — covers the fundamentals of casing wear estimation using an application that helps assess the structural integrity of the casing. Illustrated videos walk you through the application’s intuitive visual interface and teaches you how estimations can be performed using the soft-string model or the stiff-string model. It also shows you how to leverage the superior predictive accuracy of the stiff-string model to calculate realistic estimations for your company. This coursework can be completed within two to three hours and contains bonus videos geared toward intermediate and advanced users.

Landmark Learning is constantly expanding its learning resources. Check back regularly for updated content.    

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