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As the E&P industry begins to recover, companies are starting to reposition and respond to the new environment in which they find themselves. In this spring issue of the Smart & Connected Newsletter, you will find a wealth of insights that can help you work efficiently and effectively with the latest technology tools.

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LIFE 2018

LIFE 2018 – Ideas and Solutions to Reposition in E&P!

LIFE uniquely focuses on recipes for the application of digital technologies to exploration, drilling, and production to produce business value. It is the only event of its kind that leverages advances in science, technology, digital, and the community at large to drive the industry’s thinking forward. RSVP today! »  

Digital Twin Implementation

Digital Twin Implementation for Integrated Production & Reservoir Management

The trying times endured by the oil and gas industry in recent years have forced companies to re-evaluate their operational costs and production optimization methods. This has accelerated efforts to adopt digital technologies and commence digital transformation. The digital twin has considerable potential to improve efficiencies and cut costs across all E&P lifecycles, and the production and reservoir management lifecycles are no exception... Read more » 

Seismic Simulation

Leveraging Time-Lapse Seismic-to-Simulation Consistency to Help Maximize Reservoir Potential

A high-fidelity seismic-to-reservoir simulation solution, developed by Landmark and CGG as part of a 4D technical collaboration, is illustrated in a synthetic, mature field scenario. This robust solution can be executed in either the time or depth domain to benefit interdisciplinary workflow collaboration. While primarily intended for reservoir engineers, it also provides value to petrophysicists, geologists and geophysicists... Read more » 

Digital Transformation

E&P Digital Transformation: Fundamental Next Step in Creating Value 

The digital transformation of the exploration and production industry has been a hot topic for some time. However, talk is cheap. Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy, technology fellow and chief data scientist at Halliburton, recently published an article in which he promotes E&P digital transformation as the next fundamental step in creating value. He discusses the stumbling blocks that must be overcome, but also promotes the “four pillars” of E&P digital transformation to achieve success: automation, real-time optimization, an integrated technology platform and Big Data analytics... Read more »

Challenging Fields

Challenging Fields: Complex Facilities & Multi-Reservoir Production Management 

The continued need to replace hydrocarbon reserves to meet global demand requires the E&P industry to explore and produce from increasingly complicated plays. Finding this precious resource is only half the battle—it is not worth a dime until it is out of the ground. The subsurface complexity of new assets and the targeting of multiple reservoirs often call for complex surface and subsurface facilities to produce the hydrocarbons most economically... Read more »

Pipeline Monitoring

Pipeline Monitoring Reimagined

The traditional value levers for increasing production and reducing costs are no longer sufficient. The E&P industry must now look to digital technologies for more efficient and cost-effective solutions... Read more » 

Machine Learning

Machine Learning: Its Impact on Upstream Oil & Gas in Workflow Automation

Machine learning offers a world of opportunities for the upstream oil and gas industry, by enabling the automation of highly repetitive and menial tasks. Provided there is sufficient data to train the ‘machines,’ they can match, if not outperform, humans in some tasks. Any gaps that exist between the performance of humans and machines are closing rapidly... Read more »

Offshore Argentina

Offshore Argentina: Lessons From Previous Exploration

The eagerly awaited exploration licensing rounds for offshore Argentina, starting later this year, will be the first in almost a decade. Despite some commercial successes in the early 1980s, these were short-lived, and the area has remained underexplored. With sparse legacy data available, how can oil and gas companies get a head start and make informed exploration decisions? Perhaps the answers lie in previous exploration... Read more »

3D Source-Rock Modeling

3D Source-Rock Modeling in Frontier Basins

While frontier basins by definition lack data, you can still glean valuable insights by leveraging publicly available information. Incorporating all existing data, however sparse and incomplete, into a standard global sequence stratigraphic framework allows you to normalize that data and gain important regional context. A case study from the Zambezi Delta Depression was recently published... Read more »

Big Data

Big Data - Small Patterns: Applying Geoscience Sentiment Analysis to Unstructured Text

The fifth lecture in the “Big Data in E&P” Distinguished Lecture Series will be delivered by Dr. Paul Cleverly of Robert Gordon University on May 10, 2018. This lecture is open to industry professionals, academics and students, and will be broadcast live. Find out more about the lecture and how to attend.

Digital Twin

Stay Connected With the 2018 iEnergy® Webinar Series 

Building on the success of the 2017 iEnergy® Webinar Series, an exciting and broad range of webinars are planned for 2018. Stay connected to the science, technology and digital innovations driving E&P forward by registering today. You can also catch up on past webinars on-demand... Register now »

LIFE events

Is There a LIFE Event Near You?

LIFE 2018 has a wider reach than you may have thought. “Local” LIFE events are actually happening around the globe. Find out what and where you can attend in your part of the world... Learn more »

Exploration Insights Magazine

Exploration Insights Magazine - March 2018 Issue

Understanding and mitigating subsurface risks are essential in exploration. The March issue of the Exploration Insights magazine includes examples of how this can be achieved by leveraging sequence stratigraphy and global analogs. This approach is further enhanced via cloud technology and the introduction of the unique and innovative PlayFinder™ application... Read more » 

Exploration Insights Magazine

Exploration Insights Magazine - April 2018 Issue

As the E&P industry looks to replenish reserves, organizations are increasingly turning to frontier basins with the hope that buried within the subsurface, new oil and gas fields are waiting to be found. However, frontier basins are accompanied by increased uncertainty and risk. To mitigate these risks, oil and gas companies need to take advantage of tools that can help them understand and predict into the white space... Read more » 

Improve Your Deepwater Salt Interpreting & Modeling

Salt body interpretation is a critical challenge in deepwater exploration and production, and accurately and effectively interpreting salt bodies has a significant impact not only on seismic depth imaging, but also on reservoir modeling and well planning. Find out how the Landmark Dynamic Framework to Fill® software facilitates the interpretation and modeling of complex deepwater multi-Z salt bodies with optimal resolution... Learn more »


DecisionSpace® CasingWear Wear Factor Modeling Tool

Get up to speed with how the DecisionSpace® CasingWear wear factor modeling tool delivers accurate, high-resolution and comprehensive data to confirm casing condition and quality of the casing-to-cement bond...
Learn more »

Neftex® Insights Content Now Accessible in Player

Are you a Neftex® Insights subscriber? If so, you can stream our GDE maps directly into Player® software for comprehensive risk analysis of each play. This workflow significantly expedites the generation of common risk segment maps (CRS’s) critical to geologic evaluation of petroleum prospectivity... Learn more »


Introducing the CasingWear Course    Sign in required

The new CasingWear™ Essentials Course — a fast-track offering — covers the fundamentals of casing wear estimation using an application that helps assess the structural integrity of the casing. Illustrated videos walk you through the application’s intuitive visual interface and teaches you how estimations can be performed using the soft-string model or the stiff-string model. It also shows you how to leverage the superior predictive accuracy of the stiff-string model to calculate realistic estimations for your company. This coursework can be completed within two to three hours and contains bonus videos geared toward intermediate and advanced users.

Landmark Learning is constantly expanding its learning resources. Check back regularly for updated content.    

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