April 2017  |  No. 2

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With the price of oil beginning to stabilize, now is the time to consider tuning your exploration engine and consider how you can do more with less.

Give yourself a head start and read the highlights of the most recent topics published on iEnergy which can help you achieve just that.

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Optimized Inflow Control Device (ICD) Design Triples Oil Production While Nearly Eliminating Water Cut

Production challenges are increasingly being handled through advanced completion strings...
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Are You Able to Put the Data You Need at Your Fingertips?

Knowing what data you have, what kind of data it is, and where it is located, both geographically and where it resides within your organization is of the utmost importance…
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Integrated Modeling Provides Better Answers

Combining geostatistical reservoir modeling with classical basin modeling techniques helps predict sweet spots in unconventional reservoirs...
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Meet Gabriela Morales, Sr. Product Specialist – Drilling Production Economics for Halliburton Landmark

With her years of experience in field drilling operations she is a valuable resource on iEnergy. Every day before she runs her online community Gabby takes a run to clear her mind and gain perspective on what matter most...
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Insights That Can Help Drive Success

Predicting offshore plays along the North African Margin; Eastern Mediterranean licensing rounds; Sea level and the impacts of tectonics; plus great geologist - Janet Watson...
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How Do You Integrate Well Engineering Applications and Data to Thrive in a Complex Oilfield Environment?

To meet the demand for more reliable, cost-effective well design solutions and ever-increasing complexity, we must innovate and modernize traditional techniques, including those affecting downhole engineering and well integrity...
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Are You Getting Time to Focus on the Highest-Value Work?

Learn how DecisionSpace® Geosciences 10ep can help you focus on increasing subsurface insight in projects large and small...
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Duvernay Reservoir Boosts Productivity With Complex Unstructured Gridding Technology

CYPHER® Seismic-to-Stimulation Service provides high-quality modeling of reservoir layers and fractures...
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Are You Making the Most of Your E&P Data?

Leading offshore fields generate 130TB of data annually...
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The Industry's First and Only Truly Collaborative Dynamic Framework

As part of the most recent DecisionSpace Geosciences 10ep.3 release, Landmark has introduced the industry's first and only truly collaborative dynamic framework, which provides a multi-user environment in which the same shared interpretation data can be managed for the whole asset team…
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A Paradigm Shift That Transformed the Way We View the World

Plate tectonics is a topic that is ingrained into the modern geoscientists psyche and accepted as a given. So much so, that it is difficult to imagine a time when it wasn’t an accepted truth…
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Put an End to Tedious Manual Updates of Your Static and Dynamic Models

Petrophysics offers the industry’s first comprehensive petrophysical solution, from acquisition to reservoir characterization on the DecisionSpace® Enterprise E&P platform…
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Landmark.tv Update

Landmark regularly publishes new series’ of videos to help you learn and adopt Landmark’s latest software. These videos are created and curated by Landmark subject matter experts. The new series of COMPASS class follows a story line for onshore horizontal drilling operations in the USA. The content of this training class starts with the Engineer’s Data Model (EDM) hierarchy for wells organization, followed by horizontal wells trajectory planning using different methodologies and finishes with an anti-collision analysis using multiple 2D and 3D outputs.


Landmark.tv is a growing library of learning, tutorial, What’s New videos. Please check regularly for updates.


To access this video series, go to Landmark.tv Drilling and Completions > COMPASS > Offshore     Sign in required


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