May 2017  |  No. 3

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Without question, the last two years have been extremely turbulent and although the worst is perhaps behind us, there is still a need for the E&P industry to optimize the way it operates by embracing digital technologies. Whether your primary area of interest is exploration, well construction or production & economics, this month’s newsletter highlights some thought provoking articles in which digital technologies take center stage.

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Al Walker, CEO of Anadarko & Sean Gourley, CEO of Primer to Speak at LIFE 2017

LIFE uniquely focuses on digital technologies and the recipes for how to apply them to deliver business results and it’s the only event of its kind that covers the science, technology, and digital innovations driving the E&P industry forward. LIFE 2017 is Halliburton Landmark’s premier E&P business and technology event of the year. This is an invitation-only event. For an innovative, open and collaborative experience, confirm your attendance now...

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Tuning the Exploration Engine

For many of the world’s top E&P companies’ exploration is shifting back into gear or in some cases, being re-started after two years of idled activity. These organizations are finding tracks to explore in smarter and more cost effective ways by tuning their exploration engine to compete with lower cost energy alternatives such as US onshore shale plays...
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How Smart Does Your Field Need To Be?

The shift to Digital E&P presents new cost-effective opportunities to make production operations smart & connected, giving a real-time voice to the oilfield that improves alignment between field, office, and board room. The greatest payoff is optimized production, improved operational efficiencies, and lowered costs...
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Cloud: The Next Big Technology Leap in E&P

In the January’s edition of E&P Magazine, Will Childs (Oracle) and Dave Butcher (Landmark, a business line of Halliburton) published an article on Cloud computing; what it is and how it is impacting companies across a wide spectrum of industries. The E&P Industry is no exception with cloud technologies being utilized to help cut costs and expedite innovation, as companies strive to differentiate themselves from the competition during this current downturn...

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Facing Up to New Realities

"Touch and go" hydrocarbons are a thing of the past and the E&P industry has moved its primary focus to unconventional resources and areas of increased complexity. With these complexities come a number of challenges that require a decision-based workflow that can adapt to specific challenges by predicting and mitigating unwanted scenarios...

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Usage Analytics: Can They Help Us Crowdsource the 10,000 Hours Rule?

Like any skill, practice makes perfect. But that is not all that is required. The provision of feedback is also a fundamental part of self-improvement...

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There’s a Faster Way to Manage Reserves

The unprecedented downturn in oil prices over the last couple of years has taken its toll on the E&P industry. Not everyone has survived the storm, with many companies failing to keep their heads above water and going bust. Some E&P companies have also merged or been taken over, and even those that have battled on alone have had to make drastic spending cuts. Regardless of how these organizations have managed to keep afloat (or not), one thing they have done, and will continue to do, is re-evaluate their portfolios and their reserves...

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Monitoring Production Operations in Real Time

In a low oil price environment where reducing costs is an imperative, every aspect of the production operation comes under close scrutiny as E&P companies are forced to re-evaluate what is essential versus what can be cut. With that in mind Felor Makhmoor (Product Specialist) has prepared a series of brief articles which will collectively take a look at ten ways to help efficiently cut costs of your production operations, which will be published over the coming weeks. This, the first in the series, will take a look...


Using Automated Solutions

Manual processes, particularly those that are lengthy and repetitive, require costly man-hours, inhibit timely progress, and increase risk of errors. When contemplating how to do more with less and being able to do so efficiently, operators must embrace an automated solution wherever possible in order to optimize operations...

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Prioritizing and Performing Lower Cost Production Improvements 

It goes without saying that when times are tight production improvements that require high expenditure are typically avoided, but there are other ways of increasing production that require no or low expenditure, which will lower the overall field operating cost in terms of $/boe. The key is being able to identify opportunities and rank those solutions which are the most cost effective...

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Look to the Future and Re-Engage With Exploration

This month we have a diverse set of articles. The Cenozoic geodynamic history of Southeast Asia is examined. The shale gas potential of the Karoo Basin of South Africa and the risks to this play posed by igneous intrusions is assessed. The need for graduates joining the industry to be ‘work-ready’ is a growing challenge and our Great Geologist this month is T.C. Chamberlin, arguably the greatest American geologist of the early 20th Century…

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Meet Barry Kolarik, Support Analyst for Halliburton Landmark

A geophysicist by trade, he spent years processing seismic data and understands the most difficult geological targets. Barry is a BIG fan of Houston sports, and uses his analytical skills to pick a winning fantasy football team. He knows what it’s like to be a customer and that’s why Barry is constantly solving problems to give clients what they want and need most…

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STEPS Distinguished Lecture Series - No. 4

"Source to Sink in the Middle Miocene to Recent Succession of NW Borneo" a talk by Prof. Joseph Lambiase, Director of the Petroleum Geoscience Program at Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok…

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