June 2017  |  No. 4

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Collaboration, digital transformation and big data analytics are key words in today's business world, and E&P companies are getting on the bandwagon. The articles in this month's newsletter illustrate how each of these factors drive efficiency and success.

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Advances in Digital Technologies Such as IoT Cloud and Big Data All Will Be Talked About at LIFE 2017

LIFE uniquely focuses on digital technologies and the recipes for how to apply them to deliver business results and it’s the only event of its kind that covers the science, technology, and digital innovations driving the E&P industry forward. Make sure you save your seat today! »

Digital Transformation Essential for E&P Industry to Thrive in New Economy

Why wait? It's time for E&P companies to join the digital age, adopt emerging technologies and leverage big data analytics to accelerate and maintain continuous business growth... Read more »

Big Security for Big Data

An integrated, accessible platform is needed if we are to realize the full value of big data, analyze its patterns and connect the dots across disciplines, without sacrificing security ... Read more »

New Tool Manages Big Data in Real Time

What if your entire global workforce could see vast amounts of big data at the same time via the same tool? Imagine the potential gains in operational efficiency and increased uptime. Anadarko did just that… Read more »


Do You Stop, Look and Listen to Your Data?

The E&P industry generates vast quantities of data every day. The real value of this data can only be realized if it is recorded and analyzed in a meaningful way. Failure to do so can result in ... Read more »

Usage Analytics: Do You Know What You Don't Know?

Collaborate, seamlessly! Now you can help reduce costly trial and error by allowing other users to learn from your experience via software tracking technology that automatically captures your workflow steps… Read more »

Taking a Step Back to Look at the Bigger Picture

Reducing your production costs does not always require a major overhaul. Savings can also be made by looking at the bigger picture and making sure that the different teams involved are aligned and heading in the same direction. Whilst each team will have its own set of goals, an awareness ... Read more » 


Making the Most of What You’ve Got

Regardless of how small or big a job is, being able to quickly identify and locate required parts and equipment makes the planning more efficient. The more efficient you are the more uptime you have and the lower the costs. At a time of low oil price, where every dollar counts ... Read more »

STEPS Distinguished Lecture Series - No. 5

“The Nile Sediment-Routing System: From Equatorial Africa to the Mediterranean Sea” - the fifth and final lecture in this series given by Prof. Eduardo Garzanti, of the University of Milano-Bicocca... Watch now »    Sign in required

Looking to the Past, the Frontier and Other Scientific Disciplines for Answers

As always, we have a thought-provoking set of articles to pique your interest. Organic chemistry is shown to help refine geological predictions. A global analogue dataset is used to predict carbonate reservoir quality and economic viability within frontier areas. A geologist contrasts communicating data with model driven interpretation. And this month's Great Geologist, Louis Agassiz, is celebrated for his promotion of the theory that the Earth was recently subjected to an Ice Age... Read more »    Sign in required

Halliburton Engineer Recognized for Leadership and Achievements

Robello Samuel, Ph.D., a technology fellow with Halliburton Landmark, has been awarded the Society of Petroleum Engineers (SPE) annual Drilling Engineering Award and SPE Distinguished Member Award... Read more »

Meet Shashank Panchangam, Senior Industry Solutions Advisor for Halliburton Landmark

Daily, he uses his unique background to have a dialog between R&D, Services and Sales. Before coming to Landmark, Shashank was winning matches across the US with his league level cricket skills... Read more »


Introducing the New Landmark Learning Central

The Landmark Learning System enables you to browse and register for eLearning and instructor-led training offered by Landmark.

What’s Changed?

Landmark Learning:

  • Is now integrated with iEnergy
  • Has a new modern graphical user interface
  • Promotes social and collaborative learning
  • Provides new video-based eLearning courses
  • Register for eLearning and instructor-led courses using the new course catalog

How Do I Access It?

  • You can log in to iEnergy to access Landmark Learning
    • If you have not registered for iEnergy, click here
    • Once you register, log in and complete your profile
  • To access Landmark Learning, click the Learn tab and then click Landmark Learning Central


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