July 2017  |  No. 5

The Smart & Connected E&P Newsletter

New technologies will determine the future as the industry strives to recover from down market conditions and remain competitive going forward. The articles in this issue shed light on emerging solutions you can adopt now to start cutting costs and maximizing production.

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Voice of the Oilfield Technology Fosters Digital Transformation

Halliburton senior product manager, Cesar E. Bravo, discusses the many ways to leverage emerging technologies, including Voice of the Oilfield™, that will help you deploy Digital Transformation programs for improving the hydrocarbon exploration and production processes. It’s worked for other industries, so why not ours?... Read more »

The Internet of Things Is Here to Stay

Smart technology is catching on with more E&P companies. It's time to leverage new computing paradigms, along with "smart" sensors that deliver real-time data from the field to the back office... Read more »

Machine Learning and Big Data Analytics — Are We There Yet?

Machine learning might be the right solution at the right time, according to Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy, Chief Data Scientist at Halliburton. In an interview, he suggested artificial intelligence is what's needed to move towards holistic thinking and data integration for creating economic value… Read more »


Is the Marine Seismic Sector Recovering at a Pace With Others?

The E&P industry generates vast quantities of data every day. The real value of this data can only be realized if it is recorded and analyzed in a meaningful way. Failure to do so can result in ... Read more »

Calling in the Cavalry

External "expert" services can help fill gaps in knowledge, experience, equipment and software, especially during economic downturns. This sensible and cost-effective solution is one way to optimize production, avoid missing lost opportunities, etc… Read more »

Keeping Your Feet on the Ground When Looking to the Future

Accurate estimation of future production is key to not only determining economic viability, but also the appropriate design and implementation of any development project. To do otherwise could lead to unnecessary costs... Read more » 


Meet Andrew Kirkwood, Senior Director of Formation & Reservoir Solutions at Halliburton

With a PhD in Physics, his career has centered on the use of downhole measurements to develop advanced geoscience technologies and solutions... Read more »

Your Monthly Insights Into Exploration

The articles this month will provide you with insight into current exploration opportunities based on aspects of the Exploration Insights product suite; from better understanding of regional geology via high-quality seismic, to planning the exploitation of frontier resources using suitable analogues, to a look at the tectonostratigraphic evolution of Carboniferous depositional basins in the UK...
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A new series of well explained video tutorials covering the fundamentals of DecisionSpace® Fracture Productivity are now available in Landmark.tv Guidance is provided right from the basics of installing the software, set up with the workspace, defining hydraulic fractures and more. First time users are encouraged to utilize the example files that come pre-packaged with the application to gain exposure quickly.

View videos here: Landmark.tv Reservoir Management > DecisionSpace Fracture Productivity

Landmark is constantly expanding its learning resources; therefore, check back regularly for updated content.


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