August 2017  |  No. 6

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New technologies will determine the future as the industry strives to recover from downmarket conditions and remain competitive going forward. The articles in this issue shed light on emerging solutions you can adopt now to start cutting costs and maximizing production.

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Last Call to Register for LIFE 2017, so You Don't Miss a Must-See Lineup 

Re-imagining the oil and gas industry is critical today and happening in many different forms. LIFE 2017 provides the space for the community to jointly explore and share digital experiences and increase scientific intensity in our organizations... I want to attend »


Your Journey to the Cloud

Halliburton Landmark thought leaders review different types of Cloud technology, including benefits and security issues. It also points to Landmark Earth and DecisionSpace® 365, which leverage the Cloud's capabilities... Read more »


Keeping It Real

Don't underestimate! Perform a detailed cost analysis to ensure "realistic" cost estimates and accurate economic evaluation of your projects... Read more »


Do You Ask Yourself “What if…?”

It's possible to optimize your expenditure on infill drillings or extension of existing developments in order to bring under-developed fields to full fruition… Read more »



A Revolution in the Earth Sciences

At last, plate tectonics offers a means of understanding the formation of sedimentary basins likely to hold oil and gas accumulations, linked to a vision of Earth’s ever-changing geography... Read more »


The Distinguished Lecture Series 2017-18

The STEPS Annual Distinguished Lecture Series theme for Year 2 is "Big Data in Exploration & Production" and this year's series will kick-off with the first lecture forming part of the University Hub during the iEnergy Communities Day at LIFE 2017 on August 24th at 10:45 a.m… Read more »    Sign in required


The iEnergy® Webinar Series

The iEnergy Monthly Webinar Series keeps you connected to the science, technology and digital innovations driving E&P forward today. Watch and listen online as a diverse group of iEnergy community experts and thought leaders share ideas on putting emerging technologies to work, increasing collaboration, and driving sustainable business value... Read more » 


Mark Your Calendar with Upcoming Events

August is a busy month with LIFE 2017 right around the corner. And for longer-term planning, see what's happening in the months ahead (including the SEG International Exhibition and 87th Annual Meeting in September, and SPE ATCE in October)... View our calendar »


Simulation to Seismic Continuity for Engineers

Petro-elastic modeling (PEM) capabilities have been added to the Nexus® 5000.4.12 release to enable closed-loop estimation of multiple 3D seismic properties. The new capabilities enable multi-disciplinary 4D workflows, etc... Read more »


Zohr – Older Than Was First Thought?

Initial reports dated the reservoir as purely Miocene, but a recent publication by ENI (Bertello et al., 2016) has stated a Cretaceous age for the majority of the reservoir... Read more » 


Landmark Learning Central Update  Sign in required

The Nexus® Getting Started Course describes the features and workflows offered in Nexus software. Nexus is the first reservoir simulation environment software with fully-coupled surface and subsurface formulation. The course videos provide an overview of the product, information on building simulation models (single or multi-reservoir), pre- and post-processing applications, model conversions, instructions for running simulations, history matching, and forecasting. A dataset is available to use for practice and to assist with learning from the course.

The DecisionSpace® Fracture Productivity Getting Started Course provides an exciting learning opportunity for new users to quickly run a basic Fracture Productivity simulation. Well-explained video illustrations cover the fundamentals of building a case, setting reservoir properties and incorporating fractures (both natural and hydraulic).

Landmark is constantly expanding its learning resources; therefore, check back regularly for updated content.


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