September 2017  |  No. 7

September Issue of the iEnergy Newsletter – LIFE 2017 Special Issue

Landmark’s Innovation Forum and Expo, otherwise known as LIFE, has fast become one of the most important E&P events of the year, providing an opportunity to discuss the science, technology and digital innovation required to help drive our industry forward. LIFE 2017 focused on digitalization, which has emerged as an imperative for all E&P organizations in recent years.


Halliburton Celebrates Another Successful LIFE Event  

In this month’s Smart & Connected Newsletter, we bring you the highlights from LIFE 2017, including keynote presentations from Amazon and Microsoft, talks on E&P digital twin technology, deep dives on data science, partner interviews and demonstrations. These and much more can be found at iEnergy®— where you can relive memorable moments and share with colleagues unable to attend. And if you did join us at LIFE please share your experience with us here »

LIFE 2017

The Cloud, Security and Other Solutions for the Digital Era

Dr. Werner Vogels, Amazon’s Chief Technical Officer, presented at LIFE 2017 his company’s involvement in innovation for E&P in an age when the cloud has become the new normal. Vogels discussed the key topics of our digital transformation, including security and the ability to rapidly innovate, adopt and execute new solutions that will ensure competitiveness in the fast-paced digital era.... Watch now »    Sign in required

Microsoft and Halliburton Alliance

Halliburton-Microsoft Strategic Alliance to Drive Digital Transformation

Microsoft and Halliburton announced they entered into a strategic alliance at LIFE 2017, with the goal to drive digital transformation across the oil and gas industry. Jason Zander, corporate vice president for Azure Microsoft, accompanied by Landmark’s Global Industry Solutions Advisor, Pom Sabharwal, took to the stage to demonstrate how researchers and engineers from both companies will leverage and optimize Microsoft technologies to deliver tightly integrated solutions across the entire energy value chain. The scene is now set for subsurface exploration without limits! ... Watch now »   Sign in required

LIFE 2017 Digital Twin

Successfully Leveraging the Digital Twin

Michael Grieves, executive director of the Center for Advanced Manufacturing and Innovative Design at Florida Institute of Technology presented on the hot topic of digital twin technology. Grieves made the concept accessible and relevant to everyone at a time when the whole oil and gas industry needs to embark on its own digital transformation. To be successful, this journey needs to include an appreciation of the requirements, use cases, and underlying value of leveraging the digital twin... Watch now » 

LIFE 2017 - OpenEarth Community

Accelerating the Pace of Innovation

A year after its official launch, OpenEarth Community™ founding members and delegates came together at LIFE 2017 to collaborate on future plans for seeding new projects, leveraging the innovation, and growing the community. This free, global and open network of scientists, engineers and developers is based upon the concept of an open and shared O&G software platform, with the ambitious goal of rapidly lowering costs and accelerating the pace of innovation across the entire upstream sector... Watch now »  Sign in required

LIFE 2017 - Exploration & Development

Insights-Driven Exploration & Development

In the age of low prices, E&P companies are rethinking plays and asset portfolios as they recast their core sub-surface focus. It's now critical to integrate a comprehensive understanding of big-picture regional geoscience and its associated context for plays and prospects with reservoir productivity, economics and ongoing production. Powered by iEnergy®, geoscientists can now access seamless, scalable, global geoscience knowledge from planet -plate -pore. With new insights to effectively high grade acreage positions, and new technologies like cloud and artificial intelligence to deploy, you can tackle asset-scale challenges more rapidly and precisely, while pushing the frontiers of your understanding and engineering of the subsurface...  Watch now »   Sign in required

Well Construction 4.0

Well Construction 4.0 Solution

The iEnergy® Well design collaboration cycle time between operators and service providers is high, re-planning cycle times is manual and error prone, and the consistency and convergence of individual service providers' assumptions and decisions are achieved today by super human efforts. Adapting the concepts of Industry 4.0 – cyber physical systems, digital twin, IoT and cloud computing – Halliburton Landmark has extended the industry leading with our Well Planning and Design suite, WellPlan™ Software and EDT™ Suite of Applications, to deliver Well Construction 4.0 and the Digital Well Program™. Using integrated well planning, design, execution, and analysis, Digital Well Program connects the rigsite to the office and real-time centers, aligning service providers, equipment, tools and processes with the operator’s business goal – lower cost and more productive, safer wells... Watch now »   Sign in required

Voice of the Oilfield

Voice of the Oilfield: Success in Action

To satisfy current and future industry growth, companies are shifting to intelligent completions and production operations. The Voice of the Oilfield™ is the industry’s first end-to-end production solution – assimilating sensor input and synthesizing it with context to drive reservoir and production lifecycle management. This is achieved by bringing together the most advanced digital technologies, such as IIoT, edge and big data analytics and cloud-based engineering applications. First announced in 2016, Voice of the Oilfield was back on the main stage this year with customers from Statoil and the LIBRA consortium, returning to LIFE to demonstrate their VoF successes in action...
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Digital Twin in Well Construction

Using an E&P Digital Twin in Well Construction

While the terminology has changed over time, the basic concept of the digital twin model has remained fairly stable from its inception in 2002 (University of Michigan, formation of a Product Lifecycle Management – PLM center, Dr. Michael Grieves). It is based on the idea that a digital informational construct of a physical system could be created as an entity on its own... Read more » 

Surviving and Succeeding in the Digital Era

In his compelling whitepaper, Halliburton Landmark’s Chief Digital Officer, Dr. Lapi Dixit, addresses the challenges faced by E&P companies as they go through the inevitable process of digital transformation: how to survive and succeed in a digital world, what strategies to pursue, and how to avoid traps and pitfalls in their transformation journey. He sets forth the critical drivers for winning in the race to go digital: asset intimacy, innovating fast, and partnering with the right vendors.... Read more » 

Deep Learning for Static Reservoir Modeling

Dr Yogendra Narayan Pandey (senior technical professional, Halliburton Landmark) presented at the LIFE 2017 Data Science session on the application of deep learning for static reservoir modeling. The development of a deep learning approach for gridless petrophysical properties simulation was discussed, providing both a portable and automated means of generating a higher resolution reservoir model... Learn more » 

Seismic Interpretation: Deep Learning Automatic Fault Interpretation

The manual interpretation of prolific seismic datasets is both time consuming and expensive, prompting Bhaskar Mandapaka (data scientist, Halliburton Landmark) and Dr. Youli Mao (data scientist, Halliburton Landmark) to develop a new tool that leverages deep learning and automation, to facilitate more efficient and cost-effective seismic interpretation... Learn more » 

life 2017

STEPS Distinguished Lecture Series 2 - Lecture 1

At LIFE 2017, the second STEPS Distinguished Lecture Series was launched with the focus on big data in exploration and production. Dr. Satyam Priyadarshy from Halliburton, Prof. Shanan Peters from the University of Wisconsin, and Dr. Mauricio Araya from Shell each presented on the relevance of big data science in their region before opening up the floor for Q&A... Watch now »   Sign in required

Earth Model Award Goes International!

We are pleased to announce that for the first time, the Earth Model Award competition is going international and will be open to qualified geoscience masters students. The competition opened August 24 for projects relating to global geoscience, with implications for natural resource exploration, particularly those related to our current STEPS research theme: big data science in exploration and production... Read more »   Sign in required


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