October 2017  |  No. 8

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Digital Transformation is a phrase we will hear a lot more in the coming years, and with good reason. Our industry has to be able to better leverage digital technologies if we are to succeed in the digital world. This month's issue showcases a variety of content that takes a look at how we can take steps forward with the application of digital twins and artificial intelligence, and better leverage automated and real-time technologies. We hope you find it informative...

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Digital Twin

Get Your Digital Transformation Underway Today! 

Mechanical means are not the only way to improve your production. The successful application of data science techniques, such as machine learning and neural-net algorithms, can extract valuable insights from data, providing exciting opportunities to explore and take advantage of the digital twin... Read more »

iEnergy Webinars

What’s Exciting in O&G? Find Out With the iEnergy® Webinar Series!

The iEnergy® Webinar Series from Halliburton Landmark keeps you connected to the science, technology and digital innovations driving E&P forward today. Watch and listen online as a diverse group of iEnergy community experts and thought leaders share ideas on putting emerging technologies to work, increasing collaboration and driving sustainable business value... Register today! »  


How Leveraging AI Can Help You Cut Your Non-Productive Drilling Time

Much of the “unstructured” data collected for daily drilling reports can be made available via natural language processing (NLP) and put to use for analyzing/predicting the causes of non-productive time (NPT). This could mean big savings in the cost of drilling operations!... Read more » 

Data Analytics

How Data Analytics Can Help Identify Root Causes of Non-Productive Time (NPT)

A new way to find root causes of non-productive time (NPT) is to combine machine-learning algorithms with natural language processing (NPL). By taking early action to correct the actual cause of NPT, revenues will naturally be driven up... Read more »

Automation Technologies

Advances in Automation Technologies

These two posters show the benefits of automation techniques in different applications: the first details how to control the probabilistic wellbore trajectory while drilling; the second focusses on how to model and simulate directional drilling using rotary steerable systems (RSS). View here: "Probabilistic Wellbore Trajectory Control for Drilling Automation" and "Steering the Tool Towards Drilling Automation: Modeling and Simulation for RSS".

LIFE 2017 Digital Twin

Advances in Real-time Technologies

These two posters show the benefits of real-time techniques in different applications: how to evaluate gaseous leak detection via metamodeling in real-time is covered in the first; the second deals with how to prevent stuck drillpipe through real-time monitoring. View here "Developing Metamodeling for Real-Time Evaluation of Gaseous Leak Dispersion" and "Drillpipe Stuck Prediction in Real-Time Drilling Monitoring".

Neftex Exploration Insights Magazine

Don’t Miss the September Issue of Neftex Exploration Insights Magazine

From the cover story on the Permian Basin’s unconventional resource distribution, to articles on frontier basin screening and exploration tools, and the Great Geologist series focusing on Adam Sedgwick, there is something for everyone’s interest... Read more »   Sign in required

International Earth Model Award 2017 – Last Chance to Apply!

Attention Students: Get recognized and help your university! Now, you can gain "worldwide" acknowledgement for yourself and your university department, by entering to win the international Earth Model Award. This prestigious, industry-recognized award is given to the year’s best masters-level geoscience research project. Applications are open for projects that relate to global geoscience, with implications for natural resource exploration. The competition is now open. All entries must be submitted by October 31, 2017... Read more »   Sign in required

Dealing With Stress - Using Vector Maps to Characterize Subsurface Fractures

The integration of seismic-derived azimuthal properties with other engineering and geoscience data enables vector maps to provide critical information that optimizes horizontal well planning, while intercepting or avoiding existing fractures... Learn more » 


Looking for the Next Big Play-Opener?

Now, you can easily analyze plays, compare global analogues, find new frontier play ideas, and much more using the PlayFinder solution... Learn more » 

How Painted Pony is Meeting Formation Challenges

How Painted Pony is Meeting Montney Formation Challenges Using DecisionSpace® Workflowstation

Want to know how Landmark’s comprehensive suite of DecisionSpace® software is helping Painted Pony Energy deal with the complex, subsurface challenges encountered in drilling gas reserves of British Columbia’s Montney Formation?... Learn more » 

DecisionSpace Geosciences

Collaboration Just Got Easier…

With these new DecisionSpace® Geosciences features, your team can work in sync with the exact same viewing properties, and save sessions to a shared database for easy access by others. The possibilities are endless... Learn more » 


Introducing the Horizontal Well Correlation Course  
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Do you need to brush up on your skills in Horizontal Well Correlation? The new Horizontal Well Correlation Course consists of a series of videos that provides both basic instruction on the workflow, and on using the workspace. It also covers advanced workflows, such as using Target Lines, and how to take an HWC Borehole Fault to Frameworks Fault. This course will particularly help the new user to better understand how Horizontal Well Correlation fits into their integrated workflow.

Landmark Learning is constantly expanding its learning resources; check back regularly for updated content.

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