November 2017  |  No. 9

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Digital transformation and innovation go hand-in-hand, each one requiring the other in order to continue driving our industry forward. Learn about the latest digital transformation and innovation trends and milestones in this month’s issue of Smart & Connected an iEnergy® newsletter.

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Digital Twin

The Hybrid Digital Twin: Combining the Best of Both Worlds 

Learn how uniting data-driven and physics-based models to generate a hybrid digital twin can increase your model accuracy, provide enhanced insights, and improve engineering efficiencies... Read more »

iEnergy Webinars

Halliburton Wins "Best Outreach Program" Award at 2017 World Oil Awards

More than 300 of the upstream oil and gas industry’s brightest minds recently gathered in Houston to find out and celebrate the 2017 World Oil Award winners. Halliburton was announced as the winner in this year's "Best Outreach Category" for its STEPS outreach program. The program enables graduate students to engage with the industry experts through access to real-world datasets, including those from Halliburton Landmark. Students also gain access to mentoring and training through face-to-face, e-learning and remote instruction by a dedicated team that forms the STEPS network... Read more »  


The October issue of Neftex® Exploration Insights Magazine is Out Now!

The industry has been experiencing tough times, but the need for continued exploration has not gone away. This month, Mike Simmons, Halliburton Technology Fellow, provides his perspective on the ongoing need for exploration. This is accompanied by articles that explore the exploration relevance of Plio-Pleistocene eustasy and looking beyond carbonate plays in the Middle East for new opportunities...
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Data Analytics

Help to Exceed Your Production Goals: the DecisionSpace® Production Engineering Suite

The recent acquisition of Optimization Petroleum Technologies (OPT), a market leading provider of production software solutions in China for over 18 years, adds best-in-class production engineering capabilities to DecisionSpace® Production. Leveraging advanced production engineering tools, production decision makers can drive day-to-day operational and strategic, planning workflows to spot problems faster. Powered by advanced flow and forecasting models, production decision makers analyze opportunities faster and plan with greater certainty, and improve their time to production value... Learn more »

Neftex Exploration Insights Magazine

STEPS Distinguished Lecture: Amazon Web Services on Big Data in E&P

Anne Månsson, from AWS, presented an engaging and informative lecture on "Big Data in E&P," which covered hot topics such as big data’s storage-as-a-service, and shared success stories about cloud utilization. This insightful and accessible lecture makes for an excellent introduction to the world of big data with sound advice for students looking to enter an industry that will be dominated by big data and cloud computing... Watch now »   Sign in required

Neftex Exploration Insights Magazine

Leveraging Machine Learning in Exploration and Appraisal

Embracing digital transformation requires us to explore how machine learning and artificial intelligence can augment human endeavors and automate highly repetitive manual tasks. Landmark has been exploring how this approach could be applied to TOC and facies prediction... View here » 

Understanding the Impact of Vacuum Insulated Tubing on Annular Pressure Buildup

A change in annular pressure buildup (APB) affects the loads on the strings and, therefore, their safety factors. What was a safe string can subsequently fail due to the enhanced natural convection effect in vacuum insulated tubing. Landmark has been researching the effects of new modelling techniques on APB and the effects of connector insulation on temperature... View here » 

Leveraging Fault-Strike to Transform Fault Interpretation

Fault interpretation no longer has to be a tedious manual process. Learn how to transform your fault interpretation using the Fault Quality Control feature in DecisionSpace® Geoscience software... Learn more » 


Landmark Customer Support Takes Automation to the Next Level

Increase your productivity with Landmark applications using automated support tools such as Support Assistant and the new stagemonitor plug-in, both of which are now integrated into DecisionSpace® Geosciences software... Learn more » 


Introducing the Horizontal Well Correlation Course  
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Do you need to brush up on your skills in Horizontal Well Correlation? The new Horizontal Well Correlation Course consists of a series of videos that provides both basic instruction on the workflow, and on using the workspace. It also covers advanced workflows, such as using Target Lines, and how to take an HWC Borehole Fault to Frameworks Fault. This course will particularly help the new user to better understand how Horizontal Well Correlation fits into their integrated workflow.

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