STEPS Theme 3 - Near Field Exploration and Production

The industry climate of today is much harsher than the boom times of the past. Upstream companies are looking at ways to maximise output, while streamlining processes and minimizing risk – all within a climate of relatively low oil price. One such way to do this is to keep exploration ‘local’ to current production sites i.e. extending exploration and production of current fields into neighbouring stratigraphy.

This year’s research theme will look at the technologies and methodologies we can employ when expanding out in to local ‘frontier’ strata – be that geographically, stratigraphically, or a move into more technologically challenging plays. More details of the projects offered can be found here.

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STEPS Theme 3 project listing 2018/2019

Project Number
Project Title
Assessing the Oil Fairway on the Yampi Shelf in the Browse Basin, Australia. 
Integration of a Technical Workflow Using AssetConnect™ Software.
Biostratigraphic Correlation at Production Scale.
Near Field Discoveries on the UKCS: Putting Borderline Discoveries Within a Regional Context.
Paleo-latitude Evolution and its Effect on Global Organic Matter Distribution and Characteristics.
Can the Success of Offshore East Africa be Duplicated on the Conjugate Margin of Madagascar?
Hydrate Prevention Management.
Investigating the Play Potential of the Late Eocene–Early Miocene Interval in the Black Sea.
Water Alternating Gas Injection Optimization.
Categorizing Shale Basins on their Characteristics to Create Analogies and Proxies for Understanding the Driving Factors of Successful Shale Plays.
Assessing the Reservoir Presence and Quality within the Cretaceous Deep-water Siliciclastics Along the Scotian Shelf.
Systematic Evaluation of Hydrocarbon Distribution and Geochemical Characteristics to Enhance Understanding of a Petroleum System.
North American Unconventional Basin Benchmark Study.
Creating a Basin-scale Static Model Using DecisionSpace® Geosciences.

The tender window for STEPS 2019 projects is now closed. All applications will be reviewed by our Scientific Advisory Board and successful applicants will be notified by email. If you would like to discuss your application, please email

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