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Welcome to the University Hub

The iEnergy® University Hub is Landmark’s home of academic engagement. It provides a single, convenient platform where faculty members, students and researchers can easily:

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Collaboration, engagement and more…

At Landmark, we believe effective academic engagement looks beyond simple financial support, either material or in kind, to foster collaborative networks and relationships. This in turn enables teaching, learning, discussion, publications and the transfer of knowledge and skills.

Universities collaborating within iEnergy® can gain access, to dedicated programs delivered through the iEnergy® community. These programs deliver lasting benefits across the academic cycle supporting the depth and breadth of teaching and research.

Learning from the experts

Teaching is most effective when real-life workflows are illustrated and supported by relevant datasets interpreted using the leading software solutions. A great example of this is the STEPS program, where students can collaborate with and learn from experienced practitioners in the field as part of the program. The students gain a great deal from this interaction and, as a result, are better prepared for their careers.

Driving innovation, product development and intellectual property

Research outcomes that can be consumed by the supporting company encourage innovation. And when the research brings to market new product development and contributes intellectual property, the engagement becomes mutually beneficial—enhancing long-term stability and credibility industry-wide.

Flagship Programs

University Grants — Software Provisioning and training

Landmark supports teaching and research initiatives through comprehensive software grants program for universities (UGP). The licenses are available internationally, in countries where U.S. companies are authorized to operate. Read More >>

University Grant Forum >>

STEPS — Science and Technology for Exploration and Production Solutions

The STEPS program advances geoscience excellence through the facilitation of Master’s level thematic research and provision of a Distinguished Lecture Series. Read More >>

STEPS Forum >>

The SEG EVOLVE Program — Asset based learning for early career and students

The SEG EVOLVE program continues to offer a unique opportunity to create innovative geoscience, petrophysical and reservoir engineering learning projects in an interactive, non-competitive team environment that fosters global participation. Read More >>

EVOLVE Forum >>

Earth Model Award — Geoscience Competition

The Earth Model Award is an international geoscience competition rewarding excellence in Master’s level research. For the first time, the competition is going global and is open to all qualified international geoscience Masters students. Read More >>

Internship Program

The Landmark Intern Program offers graduate students the opportunity to work as part of mixed domain intern teams supported by subject matter experts in business critical projects. The program generates invention disclosures, patents, publications and conference presentations. Participating interns can and do go on to have an exciting range of career opportunities with Halliburton Read More >>

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